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About us

SCOPE SAFETY CONSULTANTS is an established third party inspection certification firm duly registered with the Department of Economic Development & holds the professional license no.128435.SSC since 1995 was started with an intention and vision to provide the best of service to cater to the industrial safety which is the prime concern of any company, hotel or industry to achieve the best results in production, construction, operational equipments/devices & maintenance fields strictly complies to the Dubai Central Laboratory Department. SSC is also accredited as third party Inspection bodies by Dubai municipality & complies with its laboratory requirements. The office infrastructure is well set with a library containing quality manuals according BS ISO 17020 and a number of workstations including the latest configuration computer systems..



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Phone: +971 4 259 4778 
Fax: +971 4 259 4779


P.O.Box: 185947 Dubai, U.A.E

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